Hip-Hop Part 2: The birth of the MC

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Hip-Hop Part 2: The birth of the MC

Post by Unodir » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:47 pm

{Editors note: Cont'd from part one. You can view it here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=42]

youtu.be/gpAe0IzvXJI (Because I thought it would be tight to have an intro and Rhazel is the shit)

As the DJ's "Break" (Aka Juggling) at the block party, adults and kids would step up to the DJ's Microphone (MIC) and enunciate poetry to a rhythm. Typically it was to "Hype" off the hook of the sampled song the DJ was playing.

In some cases, people would make up "lyrics as they go" (Off of the top of their head. Also known as "Freestyle").

These Mc's (Master of Ceremonies- "The guy (or girl) on the Microphone") would talk about life in general and the hardships they faced. It garnered attention.

At the exhibitions/shows, fans would show up to hear this new form of expression and suddenly:

MC's started competing with each other over the Break and the MIC. (Mostly the male teenagers would compete for "top-position" to impress the ladies or sharpen their verbal lyrics via a show of force:). Here is a great early example of one such Melee Featuring "MC Busy B" and "MC Kool Moe D"

youtu.be/cvpBGtNOf_w (Busy B got his Ass Served. Seriously, take another listen. Kool Moe came through)

(A funny side note: they were getting money in '82 and we are still trying to get that money in '18)

From these early days of Dj's looping a sampled hook via a record, and this new type of MC speaking poetry over said hook, a new level of Hip-Hop was born:

youtu.be/b90X6EBECq0 (The inception towards new school? Stay tuned)

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Re: Hip-Hop Part 2: The birth of the MC

Post by Niter1cbs » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:54 am


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