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Post by Unodir » Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:26 am

Circa '1988 I was a young buck living/going to school on an Army base in Wurzburg, Germany. I had a beautiful denim jacket with an Iron Maiden Backpatch (Powerslave) and quite frankly I thought I was king shit. I wish I still had the jacket...

Around that time a few friends of mine told me to take a hard listen to this band called "Metallica". I was quite judgemental at first. And then I heard this:

After hearing, analyzing and contemplating the "Justice for all" Album, I found out that they had 3 previous. I dug right in and found this:

And then, getting closer to the epicenter of this amazing beast, I realized I truly understood: Metallica ripped off Mustaine (a tale for the next episode)

Honorable mention:

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