Lambchop- Up with People (Zero 7 Remix)

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Lambchop- Up with People (Zero 7 Remix)

Post by Unodir » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:44 pm

At my shop I have a little sound system from which I stream a Winamp Channel (Yes, Winamp.)

It's out of Sweden and called "Lounge Radio". It plays a lot of instrumental break-beat, fusion, jazz, reggae and hip-hop.

At any rate, yesterday I caught a listen to this track (posted below).

It is from a group called "Lambchop". I am not very well versed on the group, but I thought it commanded a subtle bit of attention.

It is genre-bending and very fresh to me (Although they could have been around for years). Kind of like a mix between David Bowie, Floyd and all number of different vibes. Cool stuff:

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