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Michael Angelo Batio

Post by Unodir » Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:02 am

As a guitarist myself, I know the fatigue felt from playing a long set. The wrists hurt. Fingers turn to jelly. The callouses on the finger-tips ache like a mother fucker.
It happens. It's all about expression, passion and hitting those notes when it counts.

If you have been following the previous posts you might find that I am a humongous fan of Iron Maiden. That, for me, was the alpha-omega of all things "Best in life" (Pardon the Conan Reference). I try to play like a mix of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray. To me, they are some of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Of course there is always an Omega to an Alpha. A Yang to a yin. It is the natural order of things. Someone out there will always do it better.

On a whim, one day I came across this. And it blew my mind. I did not know one could do things like this on a guitar (It's kinda like rolling around for years on a skateboard, and then watching Rodney Mullen bust a Flatland Ollie for the first time.)


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