The evolution of a Beat

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The evolution of a Beat

Post by Unodir » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:01 am

Before we converse, take a listen to these individual songs:


Two different musical ideas, right?

Ramsey Lewis is bringing that amazing 70's vibe on "If loving you is wrong". Teena Marie is singing her heart out on "Ooh La la la".

At face value, we are talking about two unique artists pouring their heart out on recorded track.

In my opinion, I can see no correlation between these two artists, beyond a melody and a beat structure. At it's offset.

Now check this:

There is a distinct meld of musical ideology right there. As the gravity of the moon has an adverse effect on the tides of earth's sea. The propagating waves of musical distortion reaches out in a "ripple effect". Listen again and enjoy.

Here is how said "Ripple Effect" compelled Myself:

The in-between mix

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